New higher pressure, high capacity gas purifier from SGD

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Newbuilding Market Still Not Overbooked

first_imgDespite the overcapacity of ships on the market, which has been a hot topic recently, the newbuilding orders for ships don’t seem to be toning down. When speaking about bulk carriers, Pan Ocean has placed an order for two firm 207,000 DWT Newcastlemaxes at New Times, with both vessels due to deliver within the second half of 2016, according to Hellas S&P Weekly Bulletin, published on 30 June 2014.Also in China, Conti Reederei have extended their order for 64,000 DWT Ultramax to a total of 20 vessels by declaring a further eight options. The first in the series will begin to deliver in the early part of next year, with the latest additions for delivery from 2017 onwards.In the same sector JJ Ugland have announced an order at Imabari for two firm 63,000 DWT Ultramax due to deliver in 2017.Blumenthal are also understood to have ordered two firm 34,000 DWT Handysize at Hakodate Dock, similarly due for delivery in 2017.According to the Bulletin, there was just one order to report in tankers; CSBC (Keelung) have contracted a pair of 40,000 DWT Handy Product Carriers with Chinese Petroleum Corp (CPC) due to deliver within the final quarter of 2016.A spread of orders was reported across the sizes in the gas market. Starting with the largest, GasLog announced an order for two firm plus up to four option 174,000 CBM LNGCs at HHI. The first vessels are planned for delivery in the second half of 2017 with options from end 2017 and into 2018 if declared.In the midsizes, West Africa LPG have declared an option for one additional 38,000 CBM LPG carrier at Hyundai Mipo, taking the series to two vessels. The first is due for delivery within the end of 2016 and second vessel inearly 2017.Epic Gas have ordered a third 7,500 CBM LPG carrier at Sasaki in Japan, with delivery in the final quarter of 2016.Lastly, K-Line have announced two further 7,500 CEU car carriers at Shin Kurushima for delivery in 2017, taking the series to four vessels, the Bulletin concludes.[mappress]Hellas S&P Weekly Bulletin, July 3, 2014; Image: continentaltradinglast_img read more

Is government living up to the military covenant?

first_imgThe notion of the military covenant, that members of the military and their family are owed fair treatment and proper support, in return for risking their lives at the discretion of policy-makers, is sound and accepted. Feelings run understandably high when anyone claims that the government has failed to keep their side of this important bargain. The Conservative party has generally been better than the Labour party at getting its ‘tone’ right when talking to and about the military. Witness the way that Gordon Brown’s heartfelt admiration for the armed forces was so rarely reciprocated during his time as prime minister. But David Cameron’s pledge to put the military covenant on the statute book has not been a pledge that has been neatly redeemed in government. In part this is because, as the Royal United Services Institute points out, the covenant is not just a narrow series of welfare issues currently affecting the services, but is an implicit contract ‘between the nation and the armed forces’. But proposals on the welfare side fell very short in early proposals relating to the covenant. At first, the government wanted to limit the statutory commitment to an ‘annual report’ on its success in fulfilling the covenant. In February the Royal British Legion condemned this as a ‘watering down’ of plans to enhance support to troops. In discussion over the issue, relations between the Legion and the Ministry of Defence were said to have all but broken down. But, stung by this criticism, publicly made, the government committed itself to a more specific definition of the covenant in the Armed Services Bill. And so to announcements made this week. The elements of the covenant that were announced by defence secretary Liam Fox fall short of embodying completeness of the covenant – after all, the government cannot direct individuals to feel respect for former and serving members of the armed and their families. That task is down to us as citizens. But he did set out some commitments on welfare. The key points of these were free bus passes for seriously wounded veterans, free courses of IVF treatment for men with genital injuries, a 50% rebate on council tax for troops on operations, and a veterans discount card for use in shops and at sports events. There will also be £3m for extra teachers or tutors for schools with a large number of children from service families. Councils will be ordered to prioritise soldiers, sailors and airmen for housing. Job mostly done. But why did the government struggle on this issue? Well, consider this. In every other area of policy, it has moved to take away or limit legally enforceable rights. The legal aid consultation paper, as is widely known, mooted the removal of support for challenging official indifference and ineptitude – on the part of the police, councils and negligent doctors. More recently, the government proposes to take away the legal enforceability of statements of special educational need. And there are many contexts in which the department for Communities and Local Government proposes to remove long-established obligations on local government to provide services. The department for Business Innovation and Skills is set to remove key employment rights. This conviction, that rights are somehow wrong, is one that Liam Fox is quite up front about. As he told the Commons on Monday: ‘We don’t want to see the chain of command undermined or the military permanently involved in human rights cases in the European courts.�� But he had to add: ‘On the other [hand], we must ensure that the legitimate aspirations of the wider service community, the armed forces charities and the British public for our armed forces are met.’ The Royal British Legion now ‘applauds’ these new concrete commitments made by the government on the covenant. These rights give a sense of security to current and former members of the armed services and their families. That sense of security, however, is in the process of being systematically dismantled in other areas of public sector provision. To halt that process, those who oppose the loss of such rights will need to deploy the same clarity and confidence that the Royal British Legion used to make its case. If they fail, Britain will have the surreal scenario of having a military covenant, but no social contract.last_img read more

National Cargo Bureau offers self-study course in securing of non-standardised cargoes

first_imgThe NCB says that since December 31, 1997, it is mandatory that all cargo be secured throughout the voyage in accordance with the Cargo Securing Manual approved by the vessel’s Flag State Administration.It adds that often, the standard lashing system designed for the vessel does not accommodate such items as oversize project cargo or cargo on flat-racks. If a vessel transports such cargo, Annex 13 of the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS Code) provides methods for calculating satisfactory securing arrangements.The NCB’s course goes through the Advanced Calculation Method step by step and provides additional guidance specific to the securing of cargo on flat-racks, particularly with respect to calculation of lashings comprised of half-loops and application of the Rule of Thumb Method.The course is based on materials provided, which include a copy of the latest edition (2003) of the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing. It should be of interest to surveyors, ships’ officers, shippers, stevedores or anyone else involved with securing non-standardized cargo onboard a vessel or flat-rack.The NCB says that the course is approved by U.S. Coast Guard and upon successful completion, in addition to the certificate of training, the participant may be eligible for five days sea-service credit towards a license or raise in grade. For full details of this, contact the NCB’s New York Office. The price of the course is USD595.last_img read more

Court bars feds from prosecuting medical pot cases

first_img SHARE Published: August 17, 2016 8:52 AM EDT Court bars feds from prosecuting medical pot cases SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A federal appeals court on Tuesday banned the Justice Department from prosecuting medical marijuana cases if no state laws were broken.A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ordered the federal agency to show that 10 pending cases in California and Washington state violated medical marijuana laws in those states before continuing with prosecutions.Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, but Congress has barred the Justice Department from spending money to prevent states from regulating the use or sale of medical pot.Federal prosecutors argued unsuccessfully that Congress meant only to bar the department from taking legal action against states and that it could still prosecute individuals who violate federal marijuana laws. The court rejected that, saying that medical marijuana-based prosecutions prevent the states from giving full effect to their own measures.“If DOJ wishes to continue these prosecutions, Appellants are entitled to evidentiary hearings to determine whether their conduct was completely authorized by state law, by which we mean that they strictly complied with all relevant conditions imposed by state law on the use, distribution, possession, and cultivation of medical marijuana,” Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain wrote for the panel.Federal prosecutors could ask the 9th Circuit to reconsider the case or petition the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue. Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said officials are still reviewing the decision.Marijuana activists and lawyers representing medical pot suppliers say the ruling is a significant addition to the growing support for broad legalization of the drug. Marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational use in 25 states and the District of Columbia. In addition, ten states have marijuana legalizations measures on the November ballot.“This is the beginning of the end of federal prosecutions of state medical marijuana dispensary operators, growers and patients,” said Marc Zilversmit, an attorney representing five people who operate four marijuana stores in Los Angeles and nine indoor growing sites in Los Angeles and San Francisco.Still, Zilversmit and other medical marijuana supporters said the Obama administration and federal authorities are still fighting the drug’s legalization.On Thursday, the Obama administration announced that marijuana will remain on the list of most dangerous drugs, but said it will allow more research into its medical uses.The Drug Enforcement Administration said the agency’s decision came after a lengthy review and consultation with the Health and Human Services Department, which said marijuana “has a high potential for abuse” and “no accepted medical use.” The decision means that pot will remain illegal for any purpose under federal law.Rep. Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat who helped draft the language barring the Justice Department and its 93 U.S attorneys across the country from spending money on medical marijuana prosecutions said the “DOJ has been a little slow to pick up on” lawmakers’ desire that prosecutors go after organized drug rings and leave alone medicinal pot sellers and users..“Congress is increasingly united in the recognition that we should not interfere with what states are doing with medical marijuana,” Blumenauer said. “Unfortunately we’ve got the DEA and 93 U.S. attorneys who have people that are still frying little fish.”center_img Author: Associated Press Do you see a typo or an error? Let us know.last_img read more

Force solicitors to publish prices, watchdog urges

first_imgRegulators must act now to force law firms to reveal what they charge for services, the sector’s consumer watchdog has said, suggesting that solicitors emulate dentists in posting price lists. In its response to the Competition and Markets Authority’s interim report into legal services, the Legal Services Consumer Panel says a ‘chronically weak demand side’ is hindering competition in the legal sector.‘Providers of legal services are not responding quickly enough to consumers’ need for transparency and predictability, particularly around key choice factors for example price and quality,’ the panel’s chair Elisabeth Davies (pictured) states. The panel says it remains ‘convinced that regulatory intervention is needed’ to ‘redress the current imbalance and apportion risk between providers and consumers fairly’.Without such intervention, ‘we do not believe that providers will be incentivised to be transparent on price.‘The risk will continue to be borne disproportionately by consumers, and the uncertainties that fuel the perception of high legal costs, even where this is not the case, will deter even more consumers from seeking legal advice.’Where fixed fees are not feasible, the response states that firms should provide on their website (and where they do not have a website, on request) the average cost of the services they provide in each area.The response cites dentistry as a sector where such intervention was necessary.‘This is in an industry where there are already rules requiring dentists to prominently display price lists in their surgeries and set out treatment costs upfront. Yet the government deems it appropriate to intervene because research found that 51% of people visiting their dentists did not see a price list and one in five were not clear about costs ahead of their treatment.‘In comparison, we know that only 17% of legal services providers display prices on their website – in our view this is a compelling reason for intervention.’Anticipating the argument by the Law Society and other professional bodies that complex legal services do not lend themselves to price lists, the panel’s response says: ‘Some suggest that it is impossible for legal professionals to cost services because of the variation in the work they do.‘However, this argument disproportionately shifts the risks on to consumers, who are already disadvantaged by virtue of information asymmetry. Moreover, this is not a credible argument when one considers the experience and knowledge firms have in understanding the different directions cases might go in, along with the likely price implications.’It notes that ‘there is an arm of the profession, costs lawyers, dedicated to understanding and advising on legal costs. Cost lawyers are a resource for firms to draw on when costing services and they should be used as such.’last_img read more

This Day in History

first_img“Marley” documentary cover A biographical documentary film documenting the life of Bob Marley was releasedOn this day in Caribbean history on April 20, 2012, a biographical documentary film, called Marley, directed by Kevin Macdonald documenting the life of Bob Marley was released in 2012. The documentary features footage and interviews from Bob’s early days as a solo artist when he joined Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer to create “The Wailers.” The group later became known as Bob Marley and the Wailers which achieved international fame. The group’s success made Marley a household name. Marley,along with band mates, was able to put the reggae genre on the world stage, fully personifying its spirit and spreading its gospel to all corners of the globe with a series of hit songs and albums.Marley’s contribution to reggae, as well as other genres, is undeniable and the impact he left behind on the music industry is astounding, with many recognized artists today attributing much of their musical inspiration to him. Moreover, many of Marley’s lyrics speak to an upliftment that Marley referred toas “positive vibrations”.The documentary also highlights the struggle between medicine and his faith when he was diagnosed with Cancer.Wailers group member Bunny Wailers was not happy with the total outcome of the documentary because he felt that it downplayed Bob’s devotion to the Rastafarian faith.last_img read more

Community Day of Service budget increased by 50,000 dollars

first_imgLocalNews Community Day of Service budget increased by 50,000 dollars by: Dominica Vibes News – August 18, 2017 Local Government Commissioner John FontaineA fifty-thousand-dollar increase has added to the budget for 2017 Community Day of Service bringing the total budget up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.This was announced by Local Government Commissioner John Fontaine who was speaking at the official launching ceremony of the 2017 independence season on Wednesday, August 16th, 2017.Fontaine described independence as a process which includes gains and losses.“Independence means identity, ownership, participation, involvement, sacrifice, and respect for the common good. The process includes, but is not limited to, losses, challenges, threats, and opportunities.Ultimately, it is about most improved living conditions for citizens. The prerequisite set earlier is a critical ingredient for a thriving nation and giving the trial within the journey, our path to development has been fairly okay,” he stated.He noted that a new dump truck has also been acquired to assist the workers on community day of service.“This year we are building a brighter future together, and I am elated to announce that in this year’s budget and additional sum of fifty thousand dollars has been approved for National Day of Community Service 2017. This brings the total budget up to two thousand and fifty thousand dollars. Additionally, the procurement of a new truck, a dump truck, will facilitate service delivery and enhance the community day of service product. The estimate and related documents for National Day of Community Service have been prepared and submitted to cabinet for approval,” Fontaine further added. Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img Share Share 173 Views   one commentlast_img read more

Ministry of Commerce’s doors open to small business owners

first_img Share Sharing is caring! 109 Views   no discussions BusinessLocalNews Ministry of Commerce’s doors open to small business owners by: Dominica Vibes News – November 23, 2017 Sharecenter_img Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development, Esther ThomasPermanent Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development, Esther Thomas has called on small business owners to ensure that they have participated in a survey conducted by the Ministry. Thomas stated that a program has been developed where promising entrepreneurs are groomed by the Ministry to open their small business. “We also have a specialized program that we call rural enterprise development centers and we seek to have persons incubate within a specific location with specifics talents that we develop to the point where we graduate them into a small business. Some of these people, as a result of Maria, we have to take some of them to the next level which is getting them into small businesses. So we will make available some start up grants so that they will be able to start their own business,” Thomas said. Small business owners were therefore encouraged to come to the Ministry to take part in the ongoing survey to ensure that they are registered for the small business grants. “We’re on the ground but sometimes we may miss you, because sometimes when we visit your area, you ae not there. So if you have not seen us, we are calling upon you to come in to do the survey that we are doing, because it is critical for us when we do the evaluation for providing funding, we will be able to have an appreciation for who we are going to target immediately, who we are going to target in the short term and who we are going to target in the medium term,” Thomas added. Tweet Sharelast_img read more

PCTEL Unveils New 5G Network Testing Tools

first_imgPCTEL has introduced precision scanning receivers for testing 5G networks. The new HBflex scanning receiver provides 5G NR measurements on both mmWave and sub-6 GHz spectrum. 5G NR testing capabilities are also available on PCTEL’s flagship IBflex scanning receiver for sub-6 GHz bands.PCTEL’s 5G test tools will enable operators to efficiently clear new spectrum and roll out 5G networks worldwide while maintaining or upgrading existing network technologies. HBflex and IBflex are both based on PCTEL’s flexible software defined radio platform, enabling high performance measurements of 5G networks as well as LTE, public safety, NB-IoT, and other network technologies.HBflex and IBflex scanning receivers with 5G testing capabilities are available to order now. Upgrade paths are available for customers with existing IBflex scanning receivers.last_img read more