Xbox SmartGlass to be updated in time for Game of Thrones premiere

first_imgWe’re only days away from returning to the war-ravaged lands of Westeros, and what we need is a good second screen experience. As long as you’re not planning on watching the show live, the HBO GO app for Microsoft SmartGlass will be all you need to continue to feed your Game of Thrones content cravings.SmartGlass, Microsoft’s cross-platform tool for the Xbox 360, is unlike anything else being done in the second screen department right now. You can control the Xbox as though it’s a controller, or by issuing commands over the network. You can stream content to the device running the app, and if you’re a Windows 8 user, the app can be set in multi-screen mode so you always have access to it. As a control interface, it’s pretty great. If you’re in one of several choice apps, however, you’re graced with a wealth of additional content. Stats and scores in Halo, dual-screen browsing, and additional content for certain movies and television shows. HBO and Microsoft are going to take that one step further for the third season of Game of Thrones with a ton of content that plays alongside the show.As the episode starts on your television, an interactive map of Westeros will appear in SmartGlass. This map will show you the location of all the main characters during the episode, with additional content relevant to each episode popping up as you watch. Since it’s SmartGlass, you’ll be able to pause and control the video from the same gadget with the map, without the need to switch to a different app.HBO GO is still classified as “coming soon” on the official SmartGlass listing of supported apps, but a representative from HBO commented that the features were meant to be released with Season 3. It’s most likely that, if you already have SmartGlass installed, you’d get an update before Sunday with the new features ready to go. SmartGlass will only work on the Xbox 360, which will not be streaming Game of Thrones live, but will be available for streaming right after each episode. SmartGlass is available for iOS, Android version 4 and higher, Windows 8, and Windows Phone.last_img

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